General Security Consulting


Lateral Security's general security consulting is designed to provide clients with an onsite consultant or consultants to help with projects or any general IT security service requirement. This could include design work, technical testing, advisory or management of a team or project delivery.

Lateral Security provides support services to corporate security organisations, including general assessments of current security programs and the development of security policies, procedures, design guidelines, and standards specific to the industry and location.

Lateral Security helps organisations understand the risk of cyber threats to their business. By helping organisations understand their critical strengths and weakness, Lateral Security then advises on the right methodologies and controls needed to reduce that risk. When developing a program, careful consideration is given to industry standards, operating resources, statutory and regulatory requirements, and corporate culture. Many clients turn to Lateral Security on an annual basis for an objective review of their current security programs.

Lateral Security can help organisations to understand your assets, weaknesses, and the threats towards your business in order to calculate true risk and in the reduction or mitigations of that risk to an acceptable level. This may include policies, procedures, configuration guidelines, security awareness programs and technical controls. General Security consulting covers all of the above and can help organisations become more secure over time to meet internal and external business goals.

Department of Internal Affairs (Marketplace 2021, All of Government Certified Services & Common Capability ICT 2017) ICT-SRS Panel Provider

  • Information Security Risk Management and Assessment Primary
  • Information Security Governance and Strategy Primary
  • Information Security Assurance Primary
  • Source Code and Application Review and Technical Testing Primary
  • ICT Forensics, Investigation and Security Incident Response Primary


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