Asset Tracking and Vulnerability Management


Lateral Longitude™ a fully managed ICT service designed to identify, map, track and independently report on IT security vulnerabilities of all IP connected IT assets within any enterprise or business that are connected internally or externally to the Internet.

This service is customised for each client and is specifically aimed at organisations that have sensitive data or systems that require regular system security checks to maintain or improve security over time. Lateral Longitude™ is specifically designed and implemented to preserve and secure client data, unlike some other third party vendor systems.

This service includes:

  • Independent verification of third party vendor security practices
  • Identification of key security vulnerabilities within an enterprise organisation
  • Provides a prioritised list of remediation activities
  • Third party vendor management (checks that vendors are patching and carrying out security updates in relation to industry best practise or a contracted SLA)
  • Includes internal/external networks and connected systems
  • Detailed monthly reporting
  • Escalation of urgent issues


  • Reduced staff overheads, enhanced security compliance and independent ongoing assurance
  • Tracking of vulnerabilities over time,
  • Capability to capture forensic data if required
  • Incentivises staff and tracks organisational compliance over time

Service details:

  • Independent internally hosted scanning engines combined with external data capture
  • Remote or external access is not required so all data stays within the enterprise
  • Ability to manage multiple internal/external network segments
  • Flexible annual service model after successful trial period

Department of Internal Affairs (Marketplace 2021, All of Government Certified Services & Common Capability ICT 2017) ICT-SRS Panel Provider

  • Information Security Risk Management and Assessment Primary
  • Information Security Governance and Strategy Primary
  • Information Security Assurance Primary
  • Source Code and Application Review and Technical Testing Primary
  • ICT Forensics, Investigation and Security Incident Response Primary

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