SPAM (Email) Monitoring Service


A Microsoft security report estimated that over 97% of email received by organisations is unwanted or spam email. All of these unwanted messages require time and effort from staff to review. Lateral Security offers an effective simple solution to assist organisations, which we capture and manually review these emails on behalf of your organisation. We provide alerts either daily or weekly, along with monthly reports to clients on which emails are real, malicious or require attention.

This alleviates your staff spending time investigating suspicious emails and eliminates the threat of inadvertently clicking on a link which results in the compromise of your organisations IT system.

This service includes:

  • Daily/weekly email monitoring
  • Identification of, alerting and assessment of malicious activity
  • Detailed monthly report (summary of actions, capture of data, audit data)
  • Escalation of urgent issues


  • Reduced staff overhead
  • Enhanced understanding of the threats to the organisation
  • Reduces risk of phishing attacks compromising the organisation IT system

Department of Internal Affairs (Marketplace 2021, All of Government Certified Services & Common Capability ICT 2017) ICT-SRS Panel Provider

  • Information Security Risk Management and Assessment Primary
  • Information Security Governance and Strategy Primary
  • Information Security Assurance Primary
  • Source Code and Application Review and Technical Testing Primary
  • ICT Forensics, Investigation and Security Incident Response Primary

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