Each Lateral Security team member goes through a rigorous selection process based on technical (testing) and client-facing (communication) skills. This ensures the best possible business outcomes for our clients.

  • Independence & Integrity

    Lateral Security is vendor neutral and does not sell security products. We work with your chosen technology and vendors to provide best practice independent advice and technical testing assurance.

  • Advisory & TECHNICAL Security Testing

    Lateral Security provides plain-English actionable security advice around implementing policy and processes to meet compliance requirements, as well as technical testing to identify and reduce technical risks.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

  • Simulates an attacker attempting to gain access to your application, network or private data and third party systems.
  • Provides technical and auditable assurance that your Internet-accessible or corporate-network systems have the appropriate levels of security.
  • Reports can be provided to key stakeholders or customers to fulfill their due diligence requirements. ...MORE
Design Review

Design Review

  • Recommended before a system is implemented, changed or upgraded.
  • Evaluates whether appropriate security considerations are being built into a system's design.
  • Identifies design weaknesses so that any improvements can be made early, saving project time and expense. ...MORE
General Security Consulting

General Security Consulting

  • Includes general security advisory, policy and process development reviews, risk assessments and threat modelling.
  • Helps align your organisation with a security standard or framework such as PCI DSS, NZISM, or ISO 27001/2. ...MORE
Temporary Staff Replacement

Temporary Staff Replacement

  • Deployment of on-demand, nimble and proactive security professionals who are familiar with your organisations information security objectives.
  • Fill security skill deficiencies quickly and cost-effectively, without the need to hire or train staff.
  • Engagements can be for short or long term projects or ongoing security advice. ...MORE
Application Code Review

Application Code Review

  • Recommended for banking, publically accessible systems (govt) and newly developed applications.
  • Identifies vulnerabilities or coding errors that could be exploited by an attacker in the application's source code
  • Ensures that the application has been developed to be “self-defending”
  • Protects sensitive applications that hold private client information ...MORE
Network Scanning

System Configuration Review

  • Audits and technically tests a network system, server or device.
  • Ensures it meets current security standards and/or defined security policies. ...MORE
Mobile and Wireless Security Review

Mobile and Wireless Security Review

  • Mobile devices include smartphones, tablets, laptops and wireless systems
  • Mobile operation systems include Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows
  • WiFi network, RFID, identity cards, smartcards, and payments cards
  • Identify and prevent attacks on systems, private information and web applications ...MORE
Kiosk Security Review

Kiosk Security Review

  • Kiosk security controls bypass testing
  • Restricted networks and sensitive information access testing
  • Kiosk security break out of the kiosk terminal's restrictive software container
  • Access control testing of operating system and networks ...MORE